Thursday, 22 March 2012

This Week...

At the beginning of the week Hallmark came in to view all of our work and give us some feedback. It was a bit nerve racking having a one-to-one interview with them to talk about our work, but they were very lovely and I think they put everyone at ease! They picked 4 people for work-experience too which was amazing! The people that got chosen well deserved it and had done some gorgeous work!

This vintage light by Curiosa & Curiosa is just beautiful! I want one!
Since then I have been cracking on with my research for the next module. I have decided on a trend from Mix magazine. 'Tender' is one of the trends they have picked out for Autumn/Winter 2012/13 and looks at late 18th and early 19th Century design with key words like 'elegant', 'genteel mannered' and 'romantic'. It has a lovely colour palette of pinks, blues and greys. Some of the design inspirations for this trend have come from Richard Brendon's range of Reflect china, old fashioned cubed soaps from Arlatep and Surfacephilia's Embelli wall jewellery.

Love this tea-set by Epha3 

I plan to bring in lots of floral details and make it lovely and pretty. I'v got a bit more research to get done, but am really looking forward to start drawing again!

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