Thursday, 28 February 2013

New inspirations...

I have become a bit overwhelmed by work at the moment and so haven't had time to write a post or even take many photo's of what I have been upto!

Last week I spent my time taking all my designs through to koda trace. I made a make-shift light box on my bedroom window for some weekend development sessions.

Nikolay Biryukov - student works for 1granary
I specialize in print, in particular screen print, but every now and again I get the to embellish and when my friend Olivia found this image I had one of those moments...I love it!
It is from an editorial by Nikolay Biryukov about cutting edge student works for 1granary.
I just love the embroidery and beading, and it has inspired me to get back into my knitting with the possibility of embellishing it.

It has also made me want to add embellished areas into my prints, but will have to think on that one and do some samples as I am not sure how it will sit with my designs as they are at the moment.

Another new development is that I have just bought (and now received) a vintage manual typewriter! I am so excited to start using it! I am going to incorporate the type into my business stationary... but really it is so I can play around and write cute letters to people!

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