Saturday, 19 November 2011

This Week...

I recently mentioned that we were doing a project for Trend Bible... well I must have done something right because they have chosen my work along with six others to go in their trend book for 2012/13!! It's such a good opportunity, I'm so pleased my work got chosen. So after a little drama last week with a painful neck I managed to print the four samples needed... fingers crossed I get some good feedback!

Having handed in our furnishings project last week, we started our fashion module on Monday. We have been asked to choose our own trend to follow which gives us a bit more freedom to go in any direction we like. I will be following the WGSN trend for Spring/Summer 2013 called 'Wonderlab'... I will be taking my inspirations from cells and artificial colours, looking at all the shapes and textures to hopefully produce garments with lots of fabric manipulation. I'm still in the early stages of drawing from my primary research but when I have some samples started I will make sure to put some pictures up!

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  1. Hi Bryony

    I'm contacting you from Trend Bible - can you please send your email address to We have examples of your work in our trend book which we'd like to send to you!


    Trend Bible